Home/Maker, 2023

Found textiles sewn over antique rocking chair, thread, and screws

Common Thread: A Hidden Wound Still Hurts, 2023

Collaged found photographs, dyed lace, wooden frame, and thread

24x36 inches 

Photograph by Caleb Gallagher

Love Learned but Never Taught, 2023

Mixed textile quilt, dye, thread

45x36 inches 

Retrospective, 2023

Found photographs, dyed voile, wooden frame, and thread

16x24 inches 

Common Thread: Open Wound/Scar Tissue, 2023

Collaged found photographs and hand embroidery

12x9 inches 


Laserjet-printed images on wood

14x50 inches

Common Thread: Carry You With Me, 2022

Found photographs and hand stitching on dyed tulle veil 

18x45 inches